SACE Program

Purpose of SACE :

  • To achieve the required ATAR for University
  • To achieve the TAFE Selection score for TAFE course VET course
  • Successfully complete their SACE Certificate


Gives you 2% bonus in ATAR

Aim of the program

  • Letting the students to communicate effectively with diversity of cultures
  • Understanding the relation between other languages and cultures
  • Identifying and expressing their identity, faith and values through language
  • Interacting , exchanging of information, thoughts , experience in Arabic
  • Expressing information, idea and opinion by designing test to specific audience

Integrating with Arabic languages skills : listening, reading, speaking and writing Program Core

1) Text

Teaching the students to read, listen and view different text :

  •  Islamic text, forum, websites, advertising materials, announcements, labels,,  
  •  contracts, email, timetable, manuals, charts,  map play, resume and others
  • Creating different text : descriptive, narrative, personal, informative, persuasive, evaluative, and imaginative

2) Vocabulary

  • This program will provide the students with list of relevant vocabulary for different themes, strands and topics.
  • There are three prescribed themes:
  • The Individual
  • The Arabic-speaking Communities
  • The Changing World.

Under each themes there are different topics and related subtopic Students can implant the Arabic language in the specified theme

3) Dictionaries

This program will practice the student on using monolingual and/or bilingual printed dictionaries and providing the required skill for effective uses.

4) Grammar

This program will apply practical uses of grammatical structures in context for communication

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