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Al-Salam Academy of Adelaide provide learning based on Islamic values and character The school started in 1996 under AL Farooq Arabic School then the name changed to Al-Salam Academy of Adelaide in 2017.  The School has 3 physical campuses : Hamilton, West Corydon and Wandana, in additional to online education platform.

We are dedicated to providing a complete Islamic education to our youth in a caring environment to develop their Muslim Identity Students, ages 4 to 16 years will learn

Quranic study:
  • Structured Hifz program (TALQEEN تلقین) method
  • Scheduled and individual memorization
  • IQRA method and Tajweed
Islamic studies :
  • Aqedah (Faith and believe)
  • Hadith (understanding and memorization)
  • Tafseer
  • Seerah and Islamic History
  • Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence)
  • Manner and Duaa
Arabic studies
Basic language skills to understand the meaning of Quran :
  • Conversational and written skills
  • Reading and listening skills
  • Integrated practical grammar rules


Alim program ( Comprehensive Islamic studies program)
Hifz program ( structural memorization program)
QARI program ( Comprehensive Recitation and Tajweed program)
Arabic program ( Language program )
SACE program ( Stage 1 and 2 continuer program )

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